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Octoboy 1.5 – The UFO Update


We just released the 1.5 update. This is a big one. There are tons of improved levels. 47 in total. Some are bigger or have new gameplay. The coolest thing is that Octoboy can now get in and out of a UFO. It's a lot of fun. Sometimes you have to use the UFO to clear the path and sometimes you have to get out of it in narrow areas. We also added a new control scheme for people who prefer on-screen controls.

Here is a summary of the new features:

  •  We improved 47 levels. Now they are more fun, longer or have new gameplay. Play from the very beginning to see all of them!
  •  New Controls. You can now choose between Tap and Tilt or on-screen buttons.
  •  A UFO that you can fly! Play level 3-1 to see it!